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Product Information Management (PIM)


One integrated platform

Increase engagement with customers and users. Deliver rich & compelling digital experiences. Push content to any channel, any device, at any time. Introducing Product Information Management (PIM) the most powerful multi-channel experience and engagement management platform in the world.

Product Information Management Key Features:

Any Content. Any Device.

Create outstanding digital experiences on the most flexible content management platform available. Manage and edit any type of digital content, for any device and channel in a 100% flexible and personalized way.

100% Flexible 100% Editable

PIM provides everything you need to create and manage exceptional digital experiences. Whether it’s a marketing-focused landing page, a multi-site web presence for a large corporation, or a web-based mobile app, pimcore has the power to transform any design to a 100% editable content within minutes. With complete creative freedom, flexibility, and agility, PIM is a dream come true for designers and developers.

Manage Anything Digital

PIM provides a powerful central repository for any type of digital asset and its meta-data. Compatible with more than a 100 different file formats, bitmap and vector images, Office documents, PDFs and video codecs PIM is the choice for managing your enterprise assets. It is a solid DMA/MAM framework for creating highly customizable enterprise applications such as marketing management and brand portals, press and media sites to content delivery networks.

Most flexible data model with lots of different data types

The central management of product information in a consistent way is key to your multi-channel success. PIM provides the needed flexible master data management fundament to efficiently enable this process. Due to the unique nature and flexibility of the PIM data model and its “connect anything” architecture, you can build data and asset management structures fitting 100% to your product information management needs across all sectors and business models. And PIM integrates well. Very well. Based on its own PIM API or the REST API it’s easy and fast to integrate PIM within existing IT structures like ERP, CRM or BI systems.

Publish Once and Use Anywhere

Manage content and assets just one time and use the feature-rich multi-channel publishing methodologies to save money and time. Multi-Channel-Publishing within pimcore is based on a rock-solid flexible data model, allowing to model any kind of data entity, whether structured or unstructured and helping you keeping your data consistent in all needed channels.

Experience & Engagement Management Platform

Increase engagement with customers and users. Deliver rich & compelling digital experiences. Push content to any channel, any device, at any time. Introducing PIM the most powerful multi-channel experience and engagement management platform in the world.

Build anything, really fast!

Yes, we mean anything! PIM is faster, more flexible, and more designer and developer-friendly than any other open-source platform. From responsive, touch-ready, personalized microsites and landing pages to enterprise B2C / B2B ecommerce and integrated multi-channel PIM solutions.

From mobile apps and international multi-site web presences to socially-integrated marketing tools, you can quickly and easily build anything on the PIM platform.

Marketing & Campaign Management Platform

Creating exceptional personalized digital experiences is the daily business of a web-savy marketer. PIM dramatically reduces time-to-market, while also providing a robust platform for accelerating the needed processes and providing an integrated platform for managing marketing-specific content and applications for any channel and any device. It’s the most powerful Open-Source Marketing CMS available today.

Manage and integrate content

It’s all about the time to market. And a marketing-focused Content Management System has to adapt to that paradigm. PIM does this in a unique way: It integrates and manages any type of content for any channel and for any medium, efficiently and effectively solving today’s marketer issues. PIM is the right choice for any marketer’s wishes: Starting with landing pages to global and multi-tendant websites for the Fortune 500s. And with PIM’s advanced personalization features you are ahead of the crowd.

Full control for marketers

With PIM you’ve got full control over your diverse web properties. Previously cumbersome tasks involving IT like creating redirects, handling landing page domains, managing vanity URLs, tag and snippet management are now directly handled by the marketers.

Your marketing toolbox

PIM is the perfect toolbox for every marketer. Create any type of website, campaign or landing pages or use PIM as your connected and integrated email marketing platform.

E-Mail-Marketing-Suite, QR Code Management, Redirect-Management incl. Short URL service, Tag Manager, Reporting-Engine, Vanity URL Management, Marketing Automation with Google Adwords API, and much more.

The SEO power horse

PIM’s rich marketing features keep you on target. With PIM, Search Engine Optimization is built into everything you do. Within PIM you can easily manage every type of SEO aspect. Handling titles, meta tags and rich snippets is a piece of cake. PIM even integrates SEO quality assurance functionalities (SEO diagnostics) to monitor and analyze the most important SEO metrics.


Here are the Questions and Answers for PIM

Product Information has been a technology that has been around for more than 2 decades. Amazon is one of the pioneers which uses PIM. The problem with most companies is that there are simply too many system and too many data to manage and integrate. Due to inefficiency on accessing such data, Management could not decide fast enough on critical decision making process.
As a technology solution provider, we will understand your requirements and provide proposal for you to manage all data using PIM, one platform. Definitely, Gento Tech will work with various vendors to assist them to integrate their platforms to PIM.
There is a one time fee and yearly maintenance fee for implementing PIM for your organisation. Usually the range is from SGD $15,000 to SGD $250,000 depending on requirements.
You can speak to our consultant at 6555 5558 or email


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