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      A Robust License based eCommerce Solution.

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  • Swee Lee
  • Swee Lee
  • Swee Lee
  • Swee Lee

Swee Lee

German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said “Without music, life would be a mistake.” We couldn’t agree more.

Swee Lee foray into music is the result of a wonderful serendipity. 1946 was the year Swee Lee began as a company supplying army uniforms and badges to British soldiers in Singapore. It was also a time when the Rock n’ Roll movement was gaining momentum in the western world. Being close to the soldiers allowed us to witness how music comforted them and lifted their spirits during times of hardship in a foreign land. Recognising the impact music has on people, we were inspired to introduce this slice of western culture to colonial Singapore. With that, our foray into music started.

Swee Lee began with a small selection of brass and woodwind instruments supplied to the British military band but quickly expanded into more contemporary offerings such as guitars and drums. Soon, Swee Lee’s small shop in Capitol was the go-to for renowned labels like Fender, Gibson and Ibanez. As people’s thirst for music-making grew, our business flourished from a local retailer to a regional leader providing a comprehensive list of offerings such as musical instruments, pro-audio equipment, and customised audio and video solutions to customers in a wide range of sectors from churches to offices and the hospitality industry.

Over the years, one thing remains the same: our dedication to deepen people’s interest in music. We continue to bring the industry’s established brands to the region and share these brands’ rich heritage with music enthusiasts, inspiring them to take their musicianship to the next level.

Swee Lee hired Gento Tech to revamp its eCommerce website with cloud computing and various customisation.

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Ron Lee

CTO - Founder

Simply Clever & Ever Resourceful.

+65 9856 3969

Ranen Lee

Project Lead - Regional

Experienced and Patient.

+65 8388 7977

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